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Wallis Patterson is above her hand.

American flags being retired at Fallen Flag Ceremony

Flag Day 2014 at LZ Peace Memorial

Marine Cpl. Don Allen, Navy Senior Chief Todd Burd, Ed McMahon and other veterans burning American flags in a Flag Retirement Ceremony

If you'd like to talk with one of the founders, please call Nick Parnello at 815-968-1040. 

Fallen Flag Ceremony.
About 50 folks showed up at LZ Peace Memorial on the Flag Day.

Today is Flag Day in the United States. We honor the birth and creation of the symbol of our great country.


About 50 folks came out and saw how to ceremoniously retire an American flag. Of course there were veterans there. Nick Parnello, the president of the Vietnam Veterans Honor Society presided over the ceremony.


Honored host Ed McMahon and Todd Burd folded torn and tattered Old Glory flags that had been donated for retirement. As he folded the flags Ed explained what each fold signifies and there's a precise manner of how it's done.


After the flags were folded they were placed in the LZ Glory firepit and reduced to ashes. After the ceremony the ashes are buried nearby in their final resting place.


Marine Cpl. Don Allen was there to blow his bugle ending with playing Taps. It's such an impessive ceremony and if hearing the playing of Taps and seeing Old Glory and the POW/MIA flags blowing in the wind doesn't bring a tear to your eye, or choke you up, I don't know what will.


A special thanks to our friends at the Rockford Register Star and WIFR-TV for coming out and reporting this event. We really appreciate everything you do for us.


Click here for Rockford Register Star online coverage.


Click here for WIFR-TV, Channel 23 coverage.


Wally Haas from the newspaper actually came out on his own bike and ace RRStar photographer Sarah Larson was there with her talent and camera. 


Click here to see hundreds and hundreds of pictures we took. You'll be redirectd to an LZ Peace blog that was created by a "friend."  I'm sure you'll see yourself or someone you know.


To quote another famous American, "No man is an island onto himself. The death of one man dimishes all of us."


God Bless them and the United States of America.


Click here and you'll see hundreds of pictures we took on Memorial Day. You'll see the Faces of Heroes and maybe you'll see yourself.  When you click the individual picture it gets BIGGER.


All the videos are here plus on our SmugMug page, the link above.






Click here for a link to an outside website with more photos and videos of the Veterans Day 2013 ceremony.



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