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Wallis Patterson is above her hand.

Gold Star Mother Angie White points to son, Kenneth

Memorial Day 2014 at LZ Peace Memorial

If you'd like to talk with one of the founders, please call Nick Parnello at 815-968-1040. 

Above: Angie White points to the photo of her son, Kenneth Leroy White, who was killed in 1969. His picture is below her hand. Angie's hand is resting on Wallis Patterson's picture.

Faces of Heroes.
And a Red-Tailed Hawk provides cover.

As folks arrived at the LZ Peace memorial they were surprised by a sight seldom seen by most people.


There was a red-tail hawk perched atop the POW flagpole. An Air Force veteran told me, "The hawk was flying escort and now he's providing cover."


Memorial Day 2014 ended up a beautiful day. It started out with a light rain that turned to a drizzle and then it stopped. The sun came out and the hawk flew off. What a sight.


The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) had spent the past year gathering up photographs of all the veterans on the Wall of Honor.


This great tribute was unveiled by Senior Chief Todd Burd and Inis from the DAR.


Jim and Angie White were there again, in the front row in the sweltering heat.


Click here to read the Rockford Register Star's great story and to see more photos. This is why we need newspapers.


A special thanks to Wally Haas, Max Gersh and Jeff Kolkey from the paper and all the TV crews that showed up. We really appreciate everything you do for us.


You truly helped honor and bring attention to the Hell that war is.


VIDEO Click: Angie unveiling Faces of Heroes.


To paraphrase what Paul Logli said, "Everyone who dies in war is a son, a father, a mother, a sister,  a brother, a friend, a husband or a wife."


To quote another famous American, "No man is an island onto himself. The death of one man dimishes all of us."


Thanks again for helping us honor all veterans who have given their lives for our great country.


God Bless them and the United States of America.


Click here and you'll see hundreds of pictures we took on Memorial Day. You'll see the Faces of Heroes and maybe you'll see yourself.  When you click the individual picture it gets BIGGER.


All the videos are here plus on our SmugMug page, the link above.






Click here for a link to an outside website with more photos and videos of the Veterans Day 2013 ceremony.



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