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Veterans Day 2014

 LZ Peace Memorial

Veterans Day 2014 at LZ Peace Memorial

Above: Marine Don Allen, a recipient of the Purple Heart medal and a Vietnam veteran stands ready to blow "Taps."

If you'd like to talk with one of the founders, please call Nick Parnello at 815-968-1040. 

Veterans Day 2014 was a beautiful day indeed. The grey skies turned to rain, but that didn't stop over 30  children from Concordia Luthern School from taking their field trip to LZ Peace Memorial.


There's a link at the bottom of this page to see hundred of photos taken this Veterans Day 2014.


Thanks to their teachers for bringing them and thanks to Chuck Larson for giving them a guided tour, letting them climb around in the helicopter and maybe most important, showing them the newly installed photo display of those whose names are on the wall.


Being able to connect a face with a name brings it all home. Most of the Names the Wall could have been grandfathers or great-grandfathers but they're not.


Luckily the rain that started early in the morning ended before veterans were honored at the LZ Peace Memorial  


Later, about about 20 American flags were retired and turned to red embers to be buried near LZ Glory. Ed McMahon and Senior Chief Todd Burd were in charge of this somber ceremony. A little boy even donated the flag that had belonged to his grandfather.


The Rockford Register Star was there taking names, notes and pictures. They've always been great supporters of the LZ Peace Memorial and all veterans.  Thanks especially to Max and Wally.


Local CBS affiliate, WIFR-TV crew was there and we want to thank them too.


According to the United State Flag Code. "The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning." 


Government statistics say 400 Vietnam veterans die every day. A friend from high school named Jim Stroup was an Air Force veteran and he died on Sunday Nov. 9, 2014.


They talked about the new Agent Orange Memorial for those Vietnam veterans who have died from exposure to Agent Orange. Lonnie Presson of Lonnie's StoneCrafters donated the granite and provided the installation.


When Nick Parnello introduced Paul Logli, former Winnebago County States Attorney, he thanked him for all the support he's given to veterans and said he always considered Paul Logli as a "gift."


Then Sheriff Dick Meyer, who's been friends with Paul Logli for over 40 years chuckled, "I've heard Paul Logli being called a lot of names but I never heard anyone call him a "gift." 


As usual commemorative 4 x 6 photocards were given out and most usual was a business card-size refrigerator magnet which shows the front page of the LZ Peace Memorial brochure. What a great idea. That's it to the right. >>>>>>>


Now when you're getting that midnight snack you'll be reminded of our veterans and the sacrifices they made. Thanks for remembering their service.


Finally, fhanks to all those brave souls who took the time to attend Veterans Day 2014 ceremonies at the LZ Peace Memorial. We hope when you visit LZ Peace Memorial you'll spend time exploring the rest of what Midway Village Museum has to offer.


God bless you all and the United State of America.


Click here to open a new window and be redirected to a Picasa website and see all the photos from Veterans Day 2014 at the LZ Peace Memorial at Midway Village Museum.




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