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Agent Orange Memorial is dedicated on Flag Day

Agent Orange Memorial dedicated on

Flag Day 2015 at LZ Peace Memorial

Marine Terry Conti was one of seven Vietnam veterans who are on the new Agent Orange Memorial, dedicated on Flag Day, June 14, 2015

If you'd like to talk with one of the founders, please call Nick Parnello at 815-968-1040. 

Agent Orange Memorial
About 200 folks showed up at LZ Peace Memorial for the dedication of our Agent Orange Memorial.


Today is Flag Day in the United States. It also marks the dedication of the Agent Orange Memorial here at LZ Peace Memorial.


The dedication ceremony was highlighted by families and friends speaking about their loved ones whose names are on this wall.


On this day, we honor the birth and creation of the American flag, and we honor those Vietnam veterans whose lives were cut short by exposure to Agent Orange in the Vietnam war.


These seven Vietnam veterans are the first to be engraved on the Agent Orange Memorial. John D. Candiotta, Army; Terry R.Conti, USMC; David J. Hale, Army; Robert L. Lewis, Army; John L. Fitzpatrick, Army; Richard W. Wood, Navy; Gary L. Pontenberg, Navy.


Unfortunately, many more names will be added in the coming years. As one veteran aptly put it, "These men were killed in Vietnam, they just didn't know it."


About 200 family members and friends came out and helped in the dedication of the new Agent Orange Memorial at LZ Peace. And of course there were veterans there. Nick Parnello, the president of the Vietnam Veterans Honor Society presided over the ceremony.


A special thanks to Max Gersh from the Rockford Register Star and Lindsey Clark from WREX-TV, and the video reporter from WIFR-TV for coming out and reporting this event. We really appreciate everything you do for us.


To read professionally written stories about this dedication ceremony click any of the links below.


Click here for Rockford Register Star online coverage.


Click here for WREX-TV, Channel 13 coverage.


Click here for WIFR-TV, Channel 23 coverage.


Click here to see hundreds and hundreds of pictures we took. You'll be redirect to an LZ Peace photo sharing website that was created by a "friend."  I'm sure you'll see yourself or someone you know.


To quote another famous American, "No man is an island onto himself. The death of one man dimishes all of us."


If you have photos or videos you'd like on this web site, there's contact information at the bottom of the page. Or maybe you'd like to write a story about your father, brother, sister or friend. You can do that, too.


God Bless all veterans and the United States of America.



To add a name to the Agent Orange Memorial.

Please read the checklist below and at the right to see if your veteran qualifies before sending us a name. Thanks for you help and consideration.


  1. Resident of Winnebago county, Illinois

  2. Served in Vietnam

  3. Honorably discharged

  4. Suffered from the effects of Agent Orange

  5. A copy of DD214

  6. Death certificate

  7. VA paperwork showing a disability related to Agent Orange is of great help

  8. Veterans first and last name



Then you can fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page giving us as much information as you can. It's important to include the veterans first and last name.


Our Agent Orange coordinator will contact you.


We mourn the loss of all our veterans. Thank you for caring.


Please don't pay attention to the coding below. It's Top Secret so we can't explain it to you and our tech people are trying to get rid of it.


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