10-03-19 Agent Orange photo marqee, 2019

Thank you very much to the Daughters of the American Revolution for the beautiful photo marquee.


How to get a Vietnam veteran's name added to the LZ Agent Orange Memorial.

Please read the checklist below to see if your Vietnam veteran qualifies for having their name added to the LZ Agent Orange Memorial. Thanks for your help and your caring.

The is the information you'll need to gather up and eventually send to us.


  1. First and last name of veteran

  2. Served in Vietnam

  3. Honorably discharged

  4. Suffered from the effects of Agent Orange

  5. A copy of DD214

  6. Death certificate

  7. VA paperwork showing a disability related to Agent Orange is of great help

  8. Resident of Winnebago County, Illinois



Next, you can fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page giving us as much information as you can. Please include the veteran's first and last name.


Our Agent Orange coordinator will contact you and help you with this.


We mourn the loss of all our veterans.


Thank you for caring.