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10-03-19 Agent Orange photo marqee, 2019

Here's how to add a name to the LZ Agent Orange Memorial

Please read the Agent Orange Memorial Application to see if your Vietnam veteran qualifies for having their name added to the LZ Agent Orange Memorial. 

IMPORTANT NOTE  Do NOT send us any original or one-of-a-kind documents. 

1.  You have several options: It's a one-page PDF. You can download it by clicking the universal "Download Icon" at the top upper right of the PDF; or you can print it directly, fill it out and email it to:

2.  Or snail mail it to: Todd Burd, Agent Orange Coordinator, Vietnam Veterans Honor Society, PO Box 4304, Rockford, IL 61110
3.  Or email Todd Burd and have him email the form to you.

Our Agent Orange coordinator will contact you and help you with this.  We mourn the loss of all our veterans. Thank you for caring.

NOTE;  If you can't see the Application form,

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