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Vietnam Veterans on the Wall of Honor.

Thanks to Rod Schwandt, USAF and his wife for this great photo.

If you'd like more information you can to talk with one of the founders, please call Nick Parnello at 815-968-1040. 
The Wall of Honor, LZ Peace Memorial
The names of over 75 veterans are etched into the wall, forever reminding us that their courage was our greatest triumph and their sacrifice was our greatest loss. Also, in this peaceful setting, a Huey helicopter that served in Vietnam rests above the Wall of Honor.
Every Memorial Day and Veterans Day at 11 a.m. members of the Vietnam Veterans Honor Society hold a memorial service honoring those who died in Vietnam and in all other American wars.
The wall itself is crafted from Academy Black granite which was quarried from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the small town of Clovis, California, near Fresno. This granite was formed during the Jurassic era, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
The Academy Black granite is used in the Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC; 
Guided tours of the LZ Peace Memorial are available. Please call Nick Parnello at 815-968-1040 for more information. Nick is one of the founders of the Vietnam Veterans Honor Society and has an encyclopedic memory. He can probably tell you when each phase of the memorial was started and completed.
A personally guided tour generally takes about an hour. But of course it can last longer and when it's over you're welcome to stay as long as you'd like. The tours are free but if you'd like to make a donation* to the Vietnam Veterans Honor Society it would be greatly appreciated. 
Not many people can get up close and personal to a real "Vietnam War helicopter," one that actually flew and saw combat, but you can do that here on Nick's guided tour. He has the keys for everything so he'll open the doors and you can look inside.
Try to imagine how your son or that skinny neighbor kid who was only 18 years old felt flying into combat. That's a scary thought. It's guaranteed to give you goosebumps and put a lump in your throat. 
Many family members of the Heroes on the Wall will come here to be closer to their loved one whether it's their father, their son, their husband, or an old friend. One man who comes here several times a year went to grade school with six of these Vietnam veterans whose names are etched in stone.
Army reservist veteran, Quinten Barclay, who was the President of Cummings Advertising, frequently came to the Wall for times of quiet contemplation and to meditate.
Quint, as his friends called him, died several years ago, and his wife, Martha, donated one of the benches you see surrounding the wall. You can see about 12 benches so there's always a nice place to rest and think about what was, and, what might have been. 
God bless these brave Americans. May they rest in peace.
Click here for a PDF map and story about Black Academy Granite.

Vietnam veterans from Winnebago county.

Vietnam Veterans Honor Society


Click on a name for more information and it will open in a new window. Thank you.


John Charles Alberts, Army, South Beloit

James AllanAscher, Army, Winnebago

Melvin Ballard, Army, Rockford

Ralph Anthony Barcelona, Army, Rockford

Norman Elmer Beck, Marines, Rockford

Larry Dean Bell, Marines, Rockford

John H. Berg, Army, Rockford

Wayne Valgeen Blake, Marines, Rockford

Alan Lee Boyer, Army, Rockford

George Richard Butler, Marines, Durand

Arnoldo J. Cardenas, Army, Rockford

Curtis Paul Challberg, Army, Loves Park

Eldon Dean Coldren Jr., Army, Rockford

Daniel Coleman, Marines, Rockford

Michael Lee Collins, Army, Rockford

John C. Davis, Army, South Beloit

Earmon Ray Derrington, Army, Rockford

Martin John DiMarzio, Army, Rockford

John Paul Didier Jr., Army, Rockford

Curtis Lee Duckett, Army, Rockford

George N. Fanis Jr., Army, Rockford

Patrick Dale Finch, Army, Rockford

David Eugene Flaningam, Marines, Rockford

Thomas Duane Glawe, Marines, Rockford

Thomas A. Goebel, Marines, Rockford

Ray Lonnie Gonce, Marines, Loves Park

David Arlin Gulrantson, Army, Rockford

Richard F. Hawks, Marines, Rockford

Ronnie L. Hawks, Marines, Rockford

Daniel Robert Hoffman, Army, Rockford

John R. Hornsby, Army, Rockford

Michael Joseph Ingrassia, Army, Rockford

John Jeffrey Jensen, Army, Rockford

Daniel Gene Johnson, Army, Rockford

Gerald Dennis Kiesling, Army, Rockford

Larry William Knight, Navy, Rockford

Terry Lee Larsen, Army, Rockford

Steve Donald Lee, Army, Rockford

J. L. Lyles, Army, Rockford

Notley Gwynn Maddox, Air Force, Rockford

Larry Dale McGhee, Army, Rockford

Michael John McGlothlin, Marines, Pecatonica

Michael James McKinson, Marines, Pecatonica

Donald L. Meehan Jr., Army, Rockford

Gary Lee Mizner, Army, Rockford

Philip Gwyn Nichols, Army, Rockford

David Donell Nicholson, Marines, Rockford

Lawrence E. Orsborn, Navy, Rockford

James H. Owens Jr., Army, Rockford

Stanley F. Patterson, Army, Loves Park

Wallis Gilbert Patterson, Army, Rockford

Robert Verner Pearson, Army, Rockford

Feliz Perris, Marines, Loves Park

Roderick James Rodenbeck, Army, Rockford

Henry Clyde Sanders, Marines, Rockford

Kris Edward Shaw, Army, Rockford

Lora William Snyder, Marines, Rockford

Gordon William Stark, Army, Rockford

Charles Stanley Tarbert, Army, Pecatonica

A. W. Tripplett, Marines, Rockford

Ronald A. Van Wambeke, Marines, Rockford

Marcelino Vargas Jr., Marines, Rockford

John Wesley Vowles, Marines, Cherry Valley

Harold Francis Werle, Marines, Rockford

Kenneth Leroy White, Army, Rockford

Jerry Wayne Wickam, Army, Rockford

Lonnie Williams, Army, Rockford

Robert Earl Williams, Marines, Rockford

John Wayne Woolbright, Marines, Rockford

Kurt Frederick Zimmerman, Marines, Durand

Lester “Lek” Vance, Army, Rockford

Craig Walter Anderson, Navy, Rockford

David Lawrence Lyons, Navy, Rockford

Ronnie Albert Hecker, Army, Rockford

Judy Boyer Bouchard,
Alan's sister.


Here is a photo of my POW/MIA flag. I have flown the flag for many years, in order to honor my brother, SFC Alan L. Boyer, MIA, Laos, March 28, 1968, as well as all other POW/MIAs. When people stop to inquire about the "black flag," I am pleased to be able to spread awareness of this issue.


My mother, Dorothy Boyer, now 89 years old, has flown her POW/MIA flag (and American flag, of course) for as long as I can remember. Her picture has already appeared in the VietNow National Magazine. I'm glad to carry on the tradition.--Judy Boyer


Our thanks to Vietnow magazine for permission to use this photo and article.


To read the full story about POW/MIA flags in Vietnow National magazine click here.

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