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Steve D. Lee, Army. Killed in Vietnam

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Steve Lee, 1946-1968
Steve D. Lee's father and mother, shown above, visited the LZ Peace Memorial on a beautiful Memorial Day in 2011. He and his wife are holding a banner and sign made by Rita Boothe.
Steve's parents live down south and traveled hundreds of miles to honor their son and other veterans who gave their lives for their country.
The writer of this site went to grade school and high school with Steve. We used to ride the school bus to Whig Hill and we did our share of goofing off.
Click here to see more about Steve Lee.
Please click here to read more about Steve Lee in Vietnam. Thanks to Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund for this link.
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"Steve went to Whig Hill grade school, Auburn High, the Army, & Vietnam."


PFC Steve D. Lee's grave marker in Willwood Cemetery in Rockford, Illinois. The cemetery is at the corner of West State St. and Meridian Road. 


Steve was killed in Vietnam August 14, 1968. He was 21 years old.


His childhood friend Tom Glawe, who was killed in Vietnam, is buried nearby.


Willwood is located kitty-corner from where the Robin Drive-in Theater use to be. The Doll House restaurant was right across the street.


Rest in Peace you brave young men.

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