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John Berg, Army. Died from wounds received in Vietnam.

If you'd like to talk with one of the founders, please call Nick Parnello at 815-968-1040. 

"John was critically wounded in 1968.

   He was one of the founders of VietNow and Vietnam Veterans Honor Society"


John Berg, Wounded April 8, 1968
On April 8, 1968, at the battle of Khe Sanh, John was critically wounded with a traumatic brain injury from bomb shrapnel. A medic who was tending to him did a tracheotomy on him right there in the field; which saved John from drowning in his own blood. He was sent to the U.S. Sanctuary (which is a huge floating hospital to care for the wounded). He was not expected to live but he did and was sent to Fitzsimons Medical Hospital in Japan.
John lay unconscious for a month and upon waking from his coma he was told he was paralyzed on his left side. He was 21 years old. He remained that way for the next 36 years and yet he remained strong and positive; never bitter.
He fought back early on and learned how to walk, talk, and eat once more with intense physical therapy. He was retired from the Army with a 100 disability rating.
He took a position with Job Service as a Veteran's Rep. and was with them for 25 years until his illness forced him to retire.
John was one of the six Founders of VietNow, a life-long member of the VFW, and a member of the American Legion and Commander of the D.A.V. for thirteen years until his death.
John sang in two different choirs for many years and he was also taught how to play the piano once more with just his right hand.  He was so good and and always filled our house with song and love.
John loved his fellow Veterans and was always helping one of them. He was in Co. B 2d Bn 7th Cav 1st Cav Div (AM). On July 24th John had emergency brain surgery and doctors discovered he had a Glioblastoma Multiforme stage 4 brain tumor.
This wonderful man was told he may have only nine months to live but John and his great strength made it to fifteen months and on October 10th at 9:30 PM he left us and joined the Angels that where waiting for him.He loved God, family, friends, and his two special pets (who are with him now).
We miss your wonderful smile, your unique wisdom, and your soft, cuddly beard. I miss you everyday and you are always in my thoughts and heart.
from your wife, Lynn
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