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Vietnam veteran Bill "Skip" Coad finds the names of six of his grade school classmates.

Here's what some of you have said about the LZ Peace Memorial


"Memorials are important to both the living and dead who sacrificed their time and lives in service to our country. The LZ Peace Memorial, because of its location in an extensively used park facility, will provide old and young alike with the opportunity to remember sacrifices made by a generation of men and women."

Joe Hoffman – Vietnam Veteran


"This is for me, the job of a lifetime, to help build the wall for the LZ Peace Memorial. I am very proud to help build a memorial for those who served and those who were killed in Vietnam. I lost a cousin and brother in Vietnam, so it has a special meaning for my family."

Daniel Vargas – Carpenter


"I never served in Vietnam. I know, however, that those men and women who did serve there experienced not only the brutal hostilities of war in that corner of the world, but also endured a return home that was, at times, hostile as well.

          This memorial gives our community a last chance to erect a fitting tribute to the brave persons who made the ultimate sacrifice in Southeast Asia and those equally brave persons who served, survived, and returned home."

Paul A. Logli – State's Attorney, Winnebago County"


My most vivid memory of Vietnam was being hoisted above the trees into a bright light that I knew was a Huey helicopter, because there was too much noise for it to be heaven. I remember the cold ride to the 327th evacuation hospital on that Huey.

          I kept repeating to myself that I would not die. If it were not for that "bird" I'm sure I would not be writing this now. Good luck in the endeavor to build a memorial that will mean so much to all Vietnam vets."

Bruce D. Scott – 101st Airborne Association


"As I look through the names of the Winnebago County men and women who will be on the memorial, I am again struck by how many gave so much. The fact that they will not be forgotten is a wonderful tribute. I look forward to seeing the Huey in its final place, and to see future generations understanding the nature of bravery a little better."

Lynn Martin – Former U.S. Congresswoman, and Secretary of Labor


"More than a memorial, at last a chance to say thank you to the many men and women who have served – veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice and died in the hope that others could enjoy the same liberties we have today.

            Winnebago County needs a place like the LZ Peace Memorial. A place that reminds us of a time we should never forget. Perhaps a memorial of this kind will heal wounds, comfort memories, ease pain, and that's good – but perhaps it will also allow us to look ahead, build on our experiences, and start anew.

            For everyone, this memorial will have a different meaning, but for all of us it will have one common purpose – to honor a young, vibrant generation of Americans who went to war for what they believed in their hearts was right. For that simple reason we owe them a debt of gratitude and this living memorial."

Mike Lungo – Rockford, Illinois


"One night I had a dream and the name "LZ Peace" appeared. LZ was an abbreviation for "landing zone" in Vietnam, and now that will stand for a final area of peace for the suffering of so many.     

           At the official LZ Peace groundbreaking a few years ago, family members and friends of those who died in Vietnam gathered at the memorial site, bringing with them broken hearts and Purple Hearts.

          The broken hearts are from the painful loss of a son or daughter during the Vietnam War. The Purple Hearts were given to them by our government, honoring those loved ones for their wounds or dearth. Those hearts are now a part of the Memorial Wall. The families placed them in the wall as the foundation was being poured. It was a very healing moment.

          Those who gave their lives for the defense of freedom will be remembered and honored in this wall. I cannot adequately express to you how this memorial will help heal and bring dignity to all who served our country during the Vietnam War."

Nick Parnello – Vietnam Veterans Honor Society


"The Huey helicopter took us to war, brought us back, kept us supplied, and kept us alive. It delivered ammunition, mail, care packages, and Bob Hope. It was our lifeline, and now, as a part of the memorial, it will be a symbol to all Vietnam veterans."

Jim Lev – Architect for the LZ Peace Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Honor Society

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